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The key aim of this website is to ensure that the truth be known.

But with local and national media continuing to report only half-truths which are countered by local and national government rhetoric of how they each have "assisted the community", it is vitally important that this website exists to tell the real story, directly from those affected. 

Both this website, and the Justice for New Ferry (JFNF) campaign evolved precisely because too many truths have been hidden, and too many untruths told, and so much injustice served by the governing authorities. Since the JFNF gained wings, they have achieved more together than any of the victims could have done on their own. JFNF forced Wirral Council to admit some of their mistakes (albeit council have only admitted them in private meetings) and hence paid out menial sums to those impacted. There is so much more that JFNF seek to achieve. And the ongoing story of the JFNF will always be told here on this website, the home for the truth.

But both of these cost real money. There is website hosting to keep this this website live, campaign funds for printing things like banners, posters, publicity, and potentially even directly supporting those victims who have not yet received any help. At the moment, all costs are being born voluntarily by only a few individuals and one institution, so we really need your help!

We would welcome any contributions to these causes. 

You can donate by "Pay a Friend" through PayPal to:

1) to assist this website or

2) to donate to the JFNF

Or by clicking this link

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Once you have donated, please complete the form below to tell us where you want you donation to go, and to let us know if you wish your donation to be public or to remain anonymous.

(Please note, e-mail addresses are always kept private)


We do need to know you name. But if you want your donation to remain anonymous in publication, please check the anonymity box. 

We do need your email address, so that we can contact you only if necessary, but it will always remain completely private and not shared with anyone ever.

To which cause would you like to donate? You can donate toward the upkeep of this website, or to the Justice for New Ferry campaign, or you can donate to both. Please tick either one, or both! If you do not tick any box to choose, then your donation will be divided equally between both causes. 

Thank you for submitting and donating!

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