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The New Ferry CLT is a community-driven organisation whose primary goal is to improve the local area for everyone in the community.


It was inspired and established in October 2018, primarily as a result of continual delays in receiving any assistance toward regeneration from governing authorities since the explosion. 

The New Ferry CLT is now working with the local authority to achieve the long-term goal of regeneration of the town centre, which will include the improvement and addition of both commercial properties and residential accommodation. 

To keep up with the latest news from the New Ferry CLT, please see their public facebook page at

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Feel free to like the facebook page, and if your're interested in getting involved in the work that the New Ferry CLT are doing

and have skills and experience that will help, then do consider becoming a member! To become a member, contact their facebook page by message, or send an email to for further information.  

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What is a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a not for profit community-based organisation run by volunteers that delivers housing and other community facilities at permanently affordable levels for local people. The advantages of any CLT are that those improvements are decided by the community as a whole. As such, those improvements are far more likely to meet the needs of the local community, than if they were decided upon by outsiders.


To find out even more about the purposes and workings of CLTs, please see the Network's information page 

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