Pictures tell a thousand words. These truly give a deep insight and understanding of the utter devastation the victims felt both at the time of the explosion and upon being allowed to re-enter their homes and businesses: places which had previously brought them comfort, safety and income. 

When you look at all of the pictures in these galleries, please do look deep into these photos and imagine you were involved. How would you feel if this was you or someone you loved? 

How would you feel if this had happened in your home town?

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Media images of the immediate aftermath

These photos are all of the immediate aftermath of the explosion as shown in media. 

As you can see, it was so strong that it completely destroyed all of the proximal buildings. The homes all had families living in them, some with children asleep upstairs, many with pets nestled in for the night. The restaurant was full of diners. The shops were almost all thriving businesses. The chapel of rest housed four people awaiting peaceful funerals. 

All images courtesy of Liverpool Echo, unless stated otherwise. 

Photos from victims

All of the galleries in this section are mostly photos that individuals have taken themselves of there own properties. As such, many have never been seen before.

Where media images are used, it is to give another perspective, and all media images are rightfully attributed.

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Property 1: Amelia Jane Flowers, 37 Bebington Road. Florist shop fully prepared and stocked for the Mother’s Day trade, the single biggest event in the florist calendar.

Property 2: Underley Terrace. This was home to a family, who were present at the time of the explosion. Two small children had just gone to bed upstairs. As you can see, the bedroom wall is demolished and the roof unstable.

Property 3: Griffiths Butchers, 68-72 Bebington Road. Thriving, long-standing business closed permanently. Building scheduled for demolition

Property 4: Lan’s House, 56-58 Bebington Road. Restaurant full, the night before Mother’s Day, including families with very small children. Completely demolished, everyone injured. The owner’s small children asleep in the flat above. The owners not given emergency accommodation. 

Property 5: Bebington Road. Home to a family with children and a pet cat.

Property 6: Ming Yuan Health & Beauty. 66 Bebington Road. Thriving business.

Property 7: Boundary Road. Home to a family with small children.

Property 8: Good As New Soft Furnishings, 39 Bebington Road. Thriving business before the explosion. First building adjacent to blast.