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Chris Power, victim of New Ferry explosion, Q & A with Council leader Pat Hackett

The council meeting started this evening at 6pm. The public gallery was full, and for some of the time, there was much barracking from the public gallery, and they were freely allowed to do so.

It was not until after the first break that Christopher Power got to ask his question to Pat Hackett. By this time, the public gallery had almost entirely emptied, save a few and four of us from New Ferry, wishing to hear and support Christopher, and to hear Pat Hackett's response.

See the question and answer in this YouTube video below.

Although Pat Hackett had been sent the questions days before the meeting, he fails to give any answers at all. What you can't quite hear at the end is that the moment a voice is heard asking a question from the public gallery, the Mayor tells the questioner to "shut up".

Why do council allow public voices at any time except when the issues being raised are the failings of the council with regards to the New Ferry explosion?

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