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"Into the Light" Lantern Parade

The first anniversary of the explosion was unmarked, and a difficult date for many. As the second anniversary approached, many people in the community felt the need to mark it in a respectful way.

Together with the New Ferry Residents Association, Port Sunlight Village Trust, New Ferry CLT and the New Ferry Traders Association, Wirral Council funded and helped organise the 2nd anniversary event "Into the Light". The event included a lantern parade past the explosion site to the event space where, hosted by Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips, local choirs performed uplifting songs and community members read bespoke poetry.

The New Ferry Butterfly theme was everywhere, both on the hand-made lanterns and in the light display, reflecting the sense of hope for the future that the butterfly symbol has become.

Organisers estimate that over 1000 people attended the event, and many thanks go to Wirral Council for producing and allowing publication of this video below.

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