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Planning an Anniversary Event

The first anniversary of the explosion came and went with no means by which the victims could find a way to cope with their emotions together. Each had to find their own way, individually, to mark or avoid their emotions that came strongly to the fore on the first anniversary.

In the lead-up to the second anniversary, having been enlightened to the needs of the community following a disaster via their acknowledgement of the "best practice" guidelines set down by the Home office (copy available here) Wirral Borough Council have announced that they want to host a respectful event to mark the second anniversary of the explosion.

Fergus Adams from Wirral Borough Council will be the central organiser of the event, supported by his team in Community Liaison and the Culture Department. A meeting has been organised for 28th February 2019 at Windsor Community Centre so that anyone in the community who wishes to be involved in the organising of the event can attend. Council are keen to stress that this event will be community-driven, so that it accurately reflects what the community wants on this second anniversary.

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